Vintage Cave Cookies

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Inspired by the distinctive, antique-style bricks laid as the foundation for the Vintage Cave restaurants, the brick-shaped Vintage Cave Cookies were a limited promotional item produced and sold exclusively at Vintage Cave Café.

Vintage Cave currently consists of Vintage Cave Club, a private club featuring a 'French-Japonais' restaurant, and Vintage Cave Café, the casual, sister restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine. When stepping into either of these restaurants, you are greeted with a luxurious interior made of imported antique bricks, with its walls adorned with museum-worthy artwork.

When designing the packaging for Vintage Cave Cookies, I was responsible for creating a package design that would exude the same aesthetic elegance and sophistication as the restaurants while following the rules set by their brand guidelines. After being briefed on the concept of the cookies, I decided to follow the brick theme and create a simple brick pattern that I would have gold-foiled onto a thick, matte black box, along with the logo on the sleeve.

For the packaging logo, I took the original logo (VC monogram) and designed an emblem, inspired by the antique aesthetic of their interior architecture, around it. The same type is used for the cookies as the rest of the Vintage Cave branding.

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