Wacky Dog

  • Brand Identity/Logo

With items like the Hawaiian Eddie, Kilauea, and Alemania, Wacky Dog is a food stand serving up unique, specialty hot dogs.

They are located within a mall with a diverse demographic of locals (Hawaii) and tourists. Wacky Dog wanted to target the Japanese and American tourists as well as the locals browsing the mall.

When designing the brand identity for Wacky Dog, I wanted to create a visual identity that would attract as much intrigue as the name of their hot dogs. My goal was to create something that was bold, vibrant, and playful. I used fun illustrations with bright colors as the basis of the brand identity.

I chose to use red and blue as the main color palette of the brand to symbolize the American classic they are serving up and borrowed as much inspiration from Japanese illustrations and design to create the visual identity.

The logo mark is a simple illustration of a hot dog and like the other illustrative design elements, they are drawn in a Japanese-influenced monoline style of illustration. The logo mark is paired with a custom type design I created in both English and Japanese.

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